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izquierda と droite
Wherein an Idiosyncratic Linguist Creates Gay Cacophony and Has Fandomy Exploits
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12th-Oct-2013 01:43 am - THE BIG FANDOM LIST
bebop - ed and jet
Oh, the day I can replace this with a completed fic masterlist will be a happy one, indeed.

∫ F A N D O M S ∫

Fandoms, Characters & Ships
Key (favorites are underlined)
♂ - (1-5) Favorite Male Characters
♀ - (1-5) Favorite Female Characters
♂♀ - Het Ships
♂♂ - Slash/Yaoi Ships
♀♀ - Femmeslash/Yuri Ships
♂♀♂/♂♂♂/♀♂♀ - Triangles/Threesome Ships

So whatcha whatcha whatcha want...Collapse )
6th-Dec-2010 12:16 am - Writer's Block: Must-See TV
tyler durden - sexy smoke
If you were a TV producer, what would be the premise of your first TV series, and who would star in it?

Miniscus, which is the series of graphic novellae I do, would be this TV show (preferably some form of anime, since the comic is written in Japanese and my art- and layout-styles have drawn influence from a lot of old manga).

It's about this crew of men and women in this pre-apocalyptic Nevermore world who have spent their lives on one of two sides of the gate that seperates two countries - one highly technologically and militarily advanced, and the other without any sort of government and just spewing with demons and magii and various supernatural entities, some good, some "evil," although following the theme of Good Omens I never categorize good and evil as morally right and wrong but more as two players of a game - and this group of men and women (and one cute transvestite) would work as cards of Death and the Fates (who are all drunk gamblers y/y) in causing the end of the world, except that they vehemently resist doing so and all ultimately pay prices for it.

I'm going LotR on everyone's ass with this one: I've got nymphs of the elements, elves, demons, dæmons or "shadows" (i.e., messangers of Death), magii, shamans which are technically just subsets of magii so why did I mention them idk, vampyr (you won't find much semblance to Edward Cullen, but neither to Nosferatu, and I use the term vampyr loosely), hellsangels, and genetically manip'd people called synthetics (which are really just my excuse to throw a catboy into the story with a LOLworthy or maybe tragic explanation, I can't tell). Oh, and humans. I almost forgot them.

I also go really deep (at least in the comic though idk about on mainstream TV where stuff has to be kept PGish) into persons' sexualities and how vastly different they can be but how no one is any better than the others. The stuff I know I'd keep in, because it's infinitely valuable among the main men and women of the story, is romantic attraction (or in some situations, lack thereof). I feel like the only mainstream appreciation of us queers there is in television is the one token gay guy/girl of the show, and they're always treated as such and only as such. And really, I'm working to quash heteronormativity with this one: the rule of Miniscus is that if I don't identify a sexual preference (or again, lack thereof) of a character, then they are by default bisexual. NOT heterosexual as so many people in the world would presume. I can't begin to explain how much that horrifies me. Miniscus will not let that happen.

There are some other bigger, deeper themes too but mehhh I don't like boring people with a repeat of hs English.


If for some reason it were a TV TV show, and not a cartoon, which would still be fine by me as long as it were properly executed, I would totally want Misha Collins (Supernatural) in there. He's absolutely hilarious and extremely befitting of one of the main 13, The Rider (who's also an... angel of sorts, but I swear that isn't why I'd pick Misha). My apathetic reincarnate Mackery I would want to see played by someone like Carey Mulligan (An Education). Winter the dramatic elf changeling would absolutely need to be Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog). I can't see him played by anyone else. I would reeeally want Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, Imagine Me & You) to play the bartending prostitute Ralia who helps them out, except she's too skinny for Ralia, but in every other way yes. I would get Jesse Spencer (House) for the failure of a main character but utter sweetheart Haroun. Not to repeat from whence my actors come, but I'd also put Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) in there since he sort of is the not-as-badass-as-he-believes and slightly in-deBIal village hero Kaizon. I might have Hal Sparks (Queer As Folk) as Oblivion "Buri" the transvestite. Also David Tennant (Doctor Who) would totally be storekeeper/possible!ninja/mysterious!traveler Nomo. If Lena Headly (...also Imagine Me & You) were a tad younger I would have her as aromantic hypersexual gunslinger Tari, might anyway. And the rest fhsdjfk idk. SOUNDS LIKE A BIT OF A MAINSTREAM LINEUP ROIGHT. The important thing is that they're all sparkly and pretty.
misaki - guhhh
I don't ever post on you as much as I say I will, do I? ♥ SO LET'S MOVE ON THEN AND STUFF.


10. Saw the new Harry Potter movie.Collapse )
9. Had my «Gakugeekai» recital, speech and performance at my Japanese school.Collapse )
8. Discovered the joyous and inattentiveness-inducing nature of using Tumblr and Twitter.Collapse )
7. Speaking of Tumblr and Twitter, got into this whole lovely Social Networking Fandom thing.Collapse )
6. Watched "Black Rock Shooter."Collapse )

It was an interesting month, though, this November. I don't know how much I liked it. I mean I wouldn't want to say things'll get better from here and jinx myself - which in Japanese is called "Happy Ice Cream," did you know? Jinx, I mean - but I would very much like to believe that things'll get better from here.
rachel - wind
Since I'm too tired lately to continue it, I present (as always) a WIP, fic this time. Pretty lame that it's a oneshot and still a headache. THIS USED TO BE SO EASY ~

Title: as of yet, "Claire Through the Window"
Author: esquallia
Fandom: Baccano!
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Claire/Luck, Keith, Berga, Firo, Maiza, possibly Chane
Word Count: well right now it's only 750
Status: incomplete
[Your Mileage May Vary like personne ne les oignons, btw.]

Claire, you left the plot outside. Climb back and get it.Collapse )

Also why did nobody tell me that Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was my favorite movie of all time? JOSS WHEDON. NPH~

tyler durden - sexy smoke
Originally posted by fayanora at "to the straight guy at the party last night"
Nabbed from eruvadhril suddenly.

EDIT: WHY. WHY SO WONDERFUL. :DDDD I never repost anything, just gahhh. Too much love for one person.

This is awesome. Craigslist posting "to the straight guy at the party last night"

Since Craigslist postings tend to be impermanent, I'll cut and paste:

Under the cut )

In addition to everything ever, I'm now working on a Claire/Luck/possiblythereareotherGandorsinvolved oneshot. Or halfshot. Halfshot still sounds better than drabble.
Oh real life, why do you hurt my fandom time?
27th-Sep-2010 10:47 pm - THIS IS NOT TO SAY
iggy - fuck no
I really love Hetalia a lot. I've kind of been neglecting my Hetalia fandom because ~real life~ and ~Japan~ and ~other fandom~ got in the way, and I sort of realize that's why I've been... not depressed so much as just not so cheery lately. I mean of course it's not the only reason, but it's a fun show and an even more fun fandom and just having that little bit of entertainment in my life / history class really did make a big difference.

So here's the kind-of, possibly-not-actual, problem. Um. I was really enjoying the season 3 episodes for a while, despite the name change giving me a bad feeling about them when I first started, since I thought they gave attention to the more neglected characters. Greece, Spain, Sweden and Finland (and now the other three Nordics), Canada, even Romano.

Except now I realize that's kind of the problem. It's like the creators are trying to cram in all the side characters into the third and fourth seasons and in doing so neglecting the main characters. And from the perspective of a historian, that's great, but from the perspective of a fan... I dunno. Not so much. There's so little England now and I feel like the America we do see is a completely different character; Italy and Germany haven't really gotten any time until just recently, and Japan gets more screentime than all the other Axis Powers / Allies combined (ftr, I've always thought of those eight as the main characters, really). Et cetera.

And the tone has gotten so bland and uninteresting, at least by comparision. I loved all the sad and sappy type stuff that used to be in the show to highlight the ridiculous bright quirkiness of it. I liked the character interactions a lot better. There's still lots of historical data but it used to be drawn out in relative cause-and-effect. Now all we're getting is a mishmash of culture clichés, which is essentially Hetalia's premise and shouldn't be as distressing as it is. Unnnnf. Like I said, I dunno.
1st-Sep-2010 07:51 pm - DURARARANT
kida - bang
Oh holy shit I just finished デユラララ!! and it was epic, man. Just. Ffff. The plot twists, the action, the music, the squeeable friendships that seemed to pop up out of nowhere, and of course I loved pretty much everyone – Celty in all her incredible badass-ity and yet occasional adorable!bewilderment, Shizuo and his paradoxical pacifism (and his kind of erotica-implicative “IZAYAAAAA!” of course), Izaya the lovably douchey and pretty clearly homosexual kakkoi boi, Mikado’s SUDDEN!TWIST that made him so much less the boring protag I thought he’d be, Kida but really who doesn’t love Kida, Anri when she was sweet and adorkable but especially Anri when she got mercilessly uncontrollably violent, Kadota with his very much a good guy aura and his GANG, Togusa and Walker and Erika omg, also Simon who was clearly the most innocuous character in the series, and Shinra who could manage to be a creep and an idiot and yet the most trustworthy reliable lovable guy all at the same time. They all have my sudden and irrefutable love and did I mention that sans episode one I watched this series in two days? And the shipping is absolutely killing me… of course I ship Shizzy and Izzy religiously like any self-respecting fangirl, but then there’s that sweet under-the-surface-angst-y “friendship” between Kida and Mikado, and the rawther appawrent heterosexual-life-partner-type attitude that Dotachin and Togusa have, and the lovely canon romance between Shinra and Celty, and the not at all implied undertone of lesbianism that Celty seems to give off but especially regarding Anri, and the past!foe!yay between Izaya and Kida, and Tom and Shizuo are totally doing each other yew guys, and did I mention how much I love Shizaya yet. GAHH. (Although as the ever-Baccano!-fan that I am, my favorite moment of the series, other Bacc! cameos aside, was when Isaac and Miria turned out to be in Ikebukuro as Dollars, and I swear I almost cried in happiness.) This show was absolutely brilliant. And yeah, I’m sure that the novels are great, and I’m also sure that the novels are heteronormative and obnoxiously spilling over with more Kida/Saki than I’d care to acknowledge, so I’m glad that it ended where it ended. Holy Roman Empire, what a perfect little anime, what excellent characters, what a deliciously inviting fandom awaits me…
29th-Aug-2010 12:49 pm - WHY HELLO ELJAY
moriarty - master of disguise
To be here or not to be here... that IS the question...
ただいま。Of course, I've been back in the states for like. A month. But better late than never, right?

Pictures of my dear Japan will be up sooner or later, probably later, because the whole world wants / wants but doesn't know it wants / needs / deserves to go and what's the second best thing. So that's the Japan update. Six weeks to change my life. (read: They did.)

Also this is a FANWORKS STATUS UPDATE!!! / {in essence this is really an EPIC TO-DO LIST}
     - OHSHC Fic: "Isolophobe" (Kyou/Tama; R-NC17ish) -- WIP (I swear to m it's almost done)
     - GO Fic: "Cicatrix" (Crowley/Aziraphale; R-ish) -- WIM
     - DRRR!! Fic: "A Kick in the Teeth Is Good for Some" (Shiz/Iz; PG-PG13ish) -- WIM
     - Sherlock [BBC] Art (a whole fuckton of this) -- on my computer waitin for colours and an upload
     - DRRR!! Art (Kida, Kida, Kida, Izzy, Shizzy, Celty, more Celty, Anri, Izzy/Shizzy, Celty/Anri, KIDA) -- WIM
     - HINABN Art / Possible Fancomic but Tessa's standards are far too high

Since I'm way occupied with Photoshop-molesting my (30pgsplz!) junior project, Human Behaviour, and even beyond that just Miniscus and other comics in teh general (this is all in addition to deciding whether they'll be internet presents or not), and college app nonsense, and JAPANESE of all (or many) things, and complaining complaining complaining, they may be slow in the coming but oh they will come.

Pun more than intended.
crowley - failing
I love when your host family (whom you haven't yet met) emails you IN ENGLISH and it's not very good but it's the sweetest attempt and you know you have to reply IN JAPANESE. And you find out that even after two years of learning the language you still don't have the hang of typing it, and you acknowledge the fact that a handwritten letter would have reached them before you finished your email.


I'm going to Sendai, which is in the Miyagi prefecture and holy shit it's a beautiful city. There are mountains everywhere, it's a two-hour fast train from Tokyo, and their speciality is cow tongue. XD and in all seriousness, they're so sweet and I seriously can't wait to meet them. But whoa was that email overwhelming because it's suddenly so real... seriously definitely happy to be going 8D

(In other news, I finished Good Omens. Um. Seeking out fandom faster than the speed of light. I need more Crowley and Aziraphale, not that they weren't gay enough in the book but I still need mmmmmore, I need more horsepersons of the apocalypse, I might even need more Them because I miss Them already... I think I'm in love with everyone in that book ever...)
30th-May-2010 03:30 am - FROM THE WEST TO THE EAST
SDC - haine falls over
So basically. Finals this week along with my fdhjkasldfhkdfs SUDDEN AND SPONTANEOUS GOOD OMENS COPY WHICH IS RIGHT CRAP ($5.0, used paperback) BUT RIGHT WONDERFUL, as well as packing. Today was my last Japanese 1 class before my departure and my sensee says I'm all ready. Um. Couldn't be less?

And the shoppings got done, the packings are like half done, the plane tickets are on the desk and what am I doing? Watching Road to El Dorado. Because I'm not procrastinating. :D
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